Stacy Glass

Stacy Glass

Executive Director

When I joined the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute in 2011, I knew that I was becoming part of an important movement. What I could not have envisioned was just how far-reaching our scope of work would become and how safer chemistry would become central to the circular economy.

This evolution highlighted a clear and specific need to create better, more accessible material health knowledge for designers and manufacturers across all industries. In 2017 our team began working on a new initiative called MaterialWise, to expand access to verified chemical hazard information as an accelerator for positive design. In 2018 we spun-out of C2CPII and engaged in co-design and proof-of-concept pilot alongside partners from Target, Google, Nike, Levis, Method, Steelcase, Environmental Defense Fund, C&A Foundation, ZDHC, and more.

To lead this innovative project, I am drawing from 25 years of experience encompassing management consulting, high growth start-ups, public-private partnerships, and an MBA from Duke University.

Lauren Heine, Ph.D.

Director of Safer Materials & Data Integrity

Dr. Lauren Heine works to protect human and environmental health by applying alternatives assessment, green chemistry, green engineering and multi-stakeholder collaboration to the development of products and processes. Lauren led the creation and development of GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals and GS List Translator, increasingly used for chemical hazard assessment worldwide. She also led the creation and development of CleanGredients™, a web-based information platform for identifying greener chemicals in cleaning products in partnership with the USEPA Safer Choice Program (formerly Design for the Environment (DfE)). This was the first database of ‘positive’ ingredients. Lauren was executive director at Northwest Green Chemistry and continues to serve as Senior Science Advisor. She co-chairs the Apple Green Chemistry Advisory Board, which is tasked with helping to integrate green chemistry into Apple’s products and supply chain. For the OECD, she drafted Policy Principles for Sustainable Materials Management and Considerations and Criteria for Sustainable Plastics from a Chemicals Perspective. Lauren served on the California Green Ribbon Science Panel. For the US EPA, she helped develop criteria for the DfE Safer Choice Program and served on both Steering and Technical Committees for all of the Alternatives Assessment Partnerships. Lauren advised the technical development of the Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse Alternatives Assessment Guide and the WA Alternatives Assessment Guide. Lauren earned her doctorate in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Duke University. She was a Fellow with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in the Green Chemistry Program at the US Environmental Protection Agency and taught chemistry labs at Bowdoin College. Lauren is currently adjunct faculty in the Center for Engineering Design & Entrepreneurship at Gonzaga University.