MaterialWise provides data-driven insight to help you choose safe, healthy ingredients from the beginning.

With this free tool you can screen the substances in your product against authoritative lists that identify known human health and environmental hazards. You can also reference restricted substance lists to check for compliance with certification and preferred purchasing programs.

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How it Works

  • Create Projects

    Create Projects

    MaterialWise makes it easy to organize your product inventories, manage formulations, and create iterations of your materials.

  • Add Chemicals

    Add Chemicals

    Knowing what’s in your product is the first step to eliminating chemicals of concern. Here you can inventory the chemicals in your material, group them by function, and note concentrations.

  • Screen for Known Hazards

    Screen for Known Hazards

    Using a chemical name or CAS number, this automated tool will issue a report of known hazards by human and environmental endpoint. Quickly identify chemicals of high concern before inclusion in your design or prioritize for elimination.