MaterialWise Adds Experienced Technical Director to Leadership Team


MaterialWise is pleased to announce that Josh Ford will join the organization as Technical Director, effective immediately.

In this role, Josh will oversee MaterialWise’s software products and related technology. He will lead the creation and implementation of the organization’s chemical-hazard screening tool and chemical hazard alternative portfolios application.

Josh brings a wealth of experience in managing scalable software projects and a proven track record of guiding highly complex projects to success. He is an adept scrum master and coach for agile projects and brings experience as a product and technology leader across industries. His expertise in agile development enables new enterprises to rapidly grow. From startups to the largest global enterprises, his key strength is cultivating user-centered design and engagement by being proactive with customers and end-users, foundations of success for MaterialWise.

Before joining MaterialWise, Josh was a consultant working on product strategy and development efforts with a focus on customer relationship management and human capital management systems. He successfully led the product and engineering efforts for Cegid Group, a global provider of human-resources and talent management solutions, in addition to projects for Oracle Corp. and Cisco Systems Inc., working to rapidly create, develop and deliver high-quality technology products to the marketplace. An interest in better chemistry for commerce and the impact of scaling the chemical hazard dataset were key to landing him on the MaterialWise leadership team.