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Authoritative lists and restricted substances lists like those found in the MaterialWise screening tool indicate what not to use, but the next question is what to use instead. Without robust, quality data, this question cannot be answered, and everyone in the value chain is vulnerable to regrettable substitutions.

Reliable chemical data underpins the entire pathway to safer, healthier products. It illuminates and leads to better choices. But in the current system, data is a barrier, a bottleneck and a risk. Chemical hazard assessments are expensive, labor-intensive, sometimes inconsistent and inaccessible to most. In the current system, scale is simply not possible. This has to change.

Transformation by design

The design of MaterialWise has been informed by ongoing research and input from industry leaders. It entails:

  • Insight into better chemistry
  • Users subscribe to sector and use specific portfolios of alternative assessments
  • The portfolio can grow over time as suppliers add new solutions and assessors maintain existing profiles
  • All profiles are third-party verified to increase consistency and confidence
  • Our process activates the value chain from buyer to supplier

Need to find alternatives to regulated or restricted substances?

Here you can:

  • Search for portfolios of alternative assessments based on chemical name, function, and/or use.
  • Subscribe to the portfolios that are relevant to your work.
  • Receive notifications when new alternatives are posted or new hazards are identified.

Pilot Projects in progress

In January 2019, we launched a proof-of-concept pilot. Pilot topics include:
Pilot 1: Alternatives to Ortho-Phthalate (Phthalate) Plasticizers
Pilot 2: Alternatives to Per and Poly-Fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in Durable Water Repellents
Pilot 3: Alternatives to the use of Dimethyl formamide (DMF) in the Manufacture of Synthetic Leather


Become a Sponsor

We welcome new partners. MaterialWise is a solution that supports and empowers industry solutions already in play. We are focused on providing a data service and input to support decision-making for safer products and guidance on policy.

Contact us to create the evidence base for your initiative.

MaterialWise will partner with you to convene a value chain coalition centered around your chemical(s) of concern to create alternative assessment portfolios that will eguide your value chain toward safer chemistry and avoid regrettable substitutions.

Contact us to learn more about our unique cost and benefit sharing approach.

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