H&M Joins MaterialWise Co-design Partners, Adding Global Fashion-Industry Expertise


H&M has joined MaterialWise and its co-design partners, adding the experience of one of the world’s biggest fashion companies to transform the information manufacturers have available to select safe and circular materials. By collaborating as a partner, H&M joins a collection of organizations taking action to equip companies of all types to choose the very best materials for their customers, employees and the planet.

Through the partnership, H&M will help MaterialWise refine and scale its chemical-hazard screening and assessment tools to be the most trusted source of verified, actionable data available to the fashion industry as well as other global manufacturers.  

H&M, known for affordable, trendy clothing and a commitment to sustainable, circular fashion, will help MaterialWise optimize human and environmental impacts throughout supply chains and product life cycles. MaterialWise and its partners are creating a globally harmonized repository of verified chemical-hazard data, removing a key obstacle preventing manufacturers from optimizing materials in their supply chains.

The Swedish fashion retailer envisions a circular and renewable fashion industry and is committed to leadership and innovation to transform the supply chain. The brand’s 2018 sustainability report highlights include collecting 20,649 metric tons of textiles through its garment-collecting initiative and made its products using 57 percent recycled or sustainably sourced materials.